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Throughout the entire period of its existence, from 1995 to the present, the company HIMEXI has been working in the field of import and sale of chemical raw materials to industrial enterprises of Ukraine, which are distributed in the following areas and for the following purpose:

  • organic solvents (acetone, toluene, xylene, methyl ethyl butyl acetate, butyl and isobutyl alcohols) and raw materials for the production of auto chemical products (mono-diethylene glycols);
  • polymers (polyethene, polypropylene, polystyrene).

            The company maintains long-term partnerships with most of the producers of these types of raw materials in Western Europe, the Middle East, and Russia; it has an objective current picture of the market situation and has the ability to implement the best price offer that is valid in the purchasing time interval. The company implements complex logistics schemes, uses long-term storage capabilities and applies a wide range of financial instruments.

            These opportunities are essential when working with raw materials, the pricing of which is influenced by constantly changing market factors including weekly quotes that make the company flexible and competitive.


            The company HIMEXI has an operating production of plastic films for agricultural, industrial and food purposes. The production complex, which includes modern equipment from leading European manufacturers, technically equipped buildings and storage facilities, is located in Kyiv and is the property of the company.

            The company is distinguished by its striving for the high quality of the manufactured product, made according to the recipes, developed taking into account the individual requirements of the customer, his packaging equipment and existing storage conditions.

            The company's trading capabilities allow us to have a constant stock of a wide range of raw materials with an optimal cost, get quick access to testing and supply of new types of raw materials with special properties. The technical staff of the company is focused on the professional implementation of the innovative capabilities of modern extrusion equipment and the production of composite films with high physical and mechanical properties. Constant quality monitoring and cooperation with the customer's technical staff at all stages of production and operation of the product, as well as reducing the waiting time and order production make it possible to maximize customer satisfaction.


The certificate ISO 9001:2015, obtained in 2017, is evidence of the successful vector of development of the company HIMEKSI, which officially confirms the company's compliance with the requirements of international standards in the fields of polyethylene film production, sale of polyethylene and solvents.


            The philosophy and basic principles of the company are based on the priority of a professional approach, fundamental moral and personal values and that is why they allow us to make the partnership mutually beneficial, and communication - bringing joy ...

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