Polymers in various forms have firmly entered our life and the annual consumption of plastic products in Ukraine is estimated in tens of thousands of tons.

Currently, polymers are used in almost all areas of production: various types of soft packaging, building and construction materials, electrical insulating materials, pipes for the water supply and gas industry, household plastic products, containers, fibers, etc. are made of them.

To meet the growing demand for plastic products in the warehouses of our company with a total area of over 2000 sq. m. with railway sidings, a wide range of polymers from various manufacturers is constantly available, ranging from basic grades of high and low-pressure polyethylene to special purpose polymers with improved physicochemical and mechanical characteristics.

We are always ready to offer you the necessary set of polymer raw materials to satisfy almost any prescription needs.

At the request of customers, products are delivered to the buyer's warehouse. If the volume is a multiple of the automobile (20, 22 MT) or container rate (24.75 MT), direct delivery from the manufacturer with customs clearance of the goods along the route is possible. The company has all the possibilities of promptly fulfilling any order with the supply of polymer raw materials from anywhere in the world.

For regular customers, special prices are available and long-term commodity loans are provided.

For more information please contact us
+380 (0)44 298 19 69

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Head of Polymers Department:
Yevheniy Bychenko



Polyethylene of low
density (LDPE)
Linear and special
types of polyethylene (LLDPE, µLLDPE)
Polyethylene of high
density (HDPE)
Sabic HP 0323 NNSabic 118NJSabic В 5429
Sabic2102TNAramco F2231Sabic ВМ 6246LS
Sabic 2100 NOWAramco F2111Sabic M80064S
KOS FА 2004Borstar FB 2230Sabic F00952J
KOS 15313-003Borstar FB 2310Sabic CC862
KOS 15813-020Borstar FB 4370Unipetrol ВВ 75
KOS 10803-020Borstar FB 1350Шуртанский ГХК BY 460
SIBUR 15303-003Borstar FB 1370Lotte Chemical BL 6200
SIBUR 15803-020BorShape FX 1001Lotte Chemical 6000В
Bralen RB 03-23Anteo FK 1820Lotte Chemical 6300В
Lotrene FB 3003KOS 2 НТ 15-11Lotte Chemical FL7000
Lotrene FE 3000KOS 2 НТ 16-11Lotte Chemical J2210
Exceed 1327 CATVK Tipelin 1100J
Exceed 1018 HATVK Tipelin 2100J
Exxon Mobil Enable 27-03STA 0952F4
Exxon Mobil Enable 27-05
Dowlex NG 5056 GG
Dowlex Elite 5100 G
Lotrene Q1018N
Marlex µD139


HomopolymersBlock and Random Copolymers
Sabic PP500PSabic 412МК 49
Sabic PP511ASabic РР57МNK10
Sabic РР505РSabic Р620Р
Уфаоргсинтез Бален 01030Sabic РР651 Н
Туркменплен ТРРD30S
Туркменплен ТРР382BF


ShockproofGeneral Purpose
Нижнекамснефтехим 825 ЕSНижнекамснефтехим 525
Нижнекамснефтехим 825Нижнекамскнефтехим 500W
Газпром Салават УПМ-0508Нижнекамскнефтехим 535
Нижнекамскнефтехим 585
Газпром Салават ПСМ 115
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