The company Himeksi produces two types of agricultural films: greenhouse films and mulching films.

The greenhouse films produced by the company contain special additives that provide high strength sufficient to protect against changeable weather conditions and UV radiation. This is an important point to pay attention to when choosing a greenhouse film since its service life largely depends on this.

The warranty period of the film manufactured by Himeksi is at least 24 months.

The maximum width of the greenhouse film in the form of a sleeve in a spread is 4800 mm, the thickness can vary from 40 to 200 microns. 

Mulching films already long ago took their deserved place in modern agriculture. Their use allows you to get many advantages, such as reducing the number of weeds, preventing soil overheating in summer and freezing in winter, preventing soil erosion and maintaining its friability, retaining moisture and, accordingly, increasing yields. 

As a film for mulching, the black film is mainly used, less often black and white and transparent.

The company Himeksi produces all three types of mulching films in the form of a web, up to 1500 mm wide, from 30 to 200 microns thick.

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